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The French Magazine Music Waves gave Motivation a grand review, in which Balloon are once more praised as innovators in the (neo)prog-genre! Thanks a lot!

Check out the Music Waves review

Motivation is available at:
HMV Online Japan
Record Heaven
Disc Order
Brennus Music Germany
Virgin Mega Store France
Qobus France
eLimbo Germany
JPC worldwide

Motivaton is now available in every recordshop in Holland (Bertus/Just for Kicks Music)!

Motivation is now available at 
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Motivation is currently getting airplay and reviews in Germany. 
Check out this review on Underground Empire

Our gig at The Convention in the Spirit of 66 in Verviers was a great experience. And very succesfull. Balloon wants to thank everybody at Prog-résiste and the Spirit for an excellent festival. And of course the wonderfull, wonderfull audience there, and all the people that especially came to see us! Thanks for a great event. We enjoyed the performances of the others we were able to see very much: Periferia del Mondo, Moon Safari, Aries and Gazpacho. Wow! We're proud to have been there. Can't wait to play at the Spirit of 66 again. The Convention rules big time!

Our debutalbum Motivation is available now at Musea Records! You can listen to fragments of the songs at the Hear-page!

Motivation has had very positive reviews so far. A quote selection:

Aardschok-magazine: ‘…an amazingly good debut’ ‘Refreshingly different… Jummie!’

OOR-magazine: ‘Four guys, that have delivered a professional product with Motivation, and contribute to the good reputation of Dutch progrock abroad. Complex and still very accessible… with the same calm and impact as the Floyd.’

FRET-magazine: ‘Balloon paints beautiful, open views. Spacy, psychedelic, meandering tracks are the very graceful result. ...and once they get it on, they get it on good…’

ProgWereld: ‘This mix of good songs ánd excitingly extended instrumental passages has a freshness I feel I haven’t heard in years. Balloon could be big’

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